tHE rHODE iSLAND Budo Academy

      Our Club is an official dojo of the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International from which we study the art of Kosho Shorei Ryu which is an ancient art filled with a rich history and tradition.

     The art of Kosho Ryu Kempo is a very unique form of self defense. It is an art form that is based on Concepts and Principals not just techniques. The student not only learns techniques in which they practice to defend oneself…they also learn the concepts and principles which make those techniques work properly.

      The practitioner is first trained in the Escaping Arts, which is the foundation for all the other sub-arts contained within the system. This allows the practitioner to either totally escape harm from their attacker.  They then learn all the other sub-arts which include, kata, striking, kicking, joint locks, throwing weapons and much more.

     Many practitioners come to Kosho Ryu dojos to improve their skills in an art that they are already practicing. Mostly because  many arts are based on techniques only. Kosho ryu's concepts are non biased and offer improvement to techniques that artists already posses. Most martial artists both beginner and advanced never look at their own art the same way after training in Kosho Ryu.

      Many of our club members come from other arts like Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kempo,MMA, Krav Maga and others. They enjoy utilizing Kosho ryu in their practice both in our club and other dojos that they train at. Kosho Ryu practitioners respect all other arts and we enjoy both teaching and learning from others by sharing!
       The art of Kosho Ryu Kempo is taught under the guidance and direction of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik, the 22nd generation headmaster. There are several dojos across North America and Europe. 

What is Kosho Shorei Ryu??

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