tHE rHODE iSLAND Budo Academy

In Remembrance Robert England, dedicated Iaidoka, and dear friend

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   At the Rhode Island Iaido and Kempo club, we study iaido (pronounced  e-i-do). Which is known as "The art of drawing the sword".  These teachings, Initially Developed by Hayashizake  Jinsuke Shigenobu in the mid 1500's, have evolved from the Samurai warrior class well over 450 years ago and are still practiced around the world today. Our club seeks to maintain the preservation of  the teachings of the late Masayuki Shimabukuro Sensei through our  teachers in the Sei Kosho shorei Kai International to new generations of Martial Art Students in order to preserve these arts.

   The Modern day basic principle involves controlled, precise movements in which practitioners develop oneself and personal fulfillment while learning about self-defense. Iaido can train one to be mindful constantly through learning, which is an essential part of the training.  It is easy to use these skills in the rest of our daily activities. When we perfect moving with purpose, precision and focus, this means that Iaido is an ideal method for training the spirit, body and mind. One does not need to be in optimal shape to practice these arts and is great way for individuals to start their journey in budo.

   Iaido practice utilizes the solo use of unsharpened metal Katana swords called Iaito.  The actual techniques (waza) are developed from orthodox teachings  and have been handed down from teacher to student for centuries. 

   The club also offers Kenjutsu partner practice in which we use traditional  wooden swords called Bokken. It is not "free fighting" and there is no competition involved. Training is done through Kata or pre-arranged movements. Both individuals benefit from this training. 

   The Rhode Island Iaido club is an official dojo of the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai. Our Instructors maintain membership and training within the Kai  in order to maintain the quality of curriculum and instruction in both Sword and Kempo arts